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Fish & Rice Noodles


Among all the Cantonese cuisine, we believe that soup is the representative of the Cantonese cuisine and its culture.


Therefore, after years of preparation, in 2017, we created a new concept of our restaurant and opened the first location in Guangdong Guangzhou. Featuring our unique fish soup with rice and rice noodle and variety of appetizers. Our wish is to bring this taste of culture to every food aficionado.


We pledge to valuing our customers and using only the freshest ingredients. We commit to deliver a world-class dinning experience, so that our customers could taste our passion and persistence in food.

Our Story

 “ A Lifetime’s Dedication To Perfect A Bowl of Soup”

About US

We are dedicated to make the best soup:

Every day, we insist on crafting our soup base only from the freshest ingredients. After testing with different combinations of elements and seasoning ratio, we had perfected a bowl of milky white, rich, and exquisite fish soup.  

Using the freshest ingredients with the best soup:

Rice noodle and rice are any soup’s best friend. We insist on using rice noodle and rice of the highest quality, paired with premium ingredients, to create fish rice noodle soup and rice soup of different flavors and enjoyments for our customers’ taste buds.​

Enjoy your rice noodle soup with our appetizers:

To complete our customers’ dining experience, we have combined the essences of the Asian cuisine to provide a wide variety of authentic, delightful appetizers.

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